BarCode Registration

Barcode is a machine-readable image which quickly and accurately identifies a product. It is a unique global identification system which is used in the supply chain for articles like the product, logistic goods, entities of trade, location, documents etc. It is widely used in retail supply chain management. The majority of the retail stores throughout the globe are using barcode system for product identification and its management. With the advent of industrialization, there is an increase in the products and its varieties. Due to the tremendous growth of varied products, its number and frequency in supply chain manually capturing product information is a meticulous task. Thus a need was felt to have quick and precise identification of the products in the supply chain which has led to the development of Bar Code. Finally, it was designed in 1970 by George J. Laurer in the U.S.A.

Barcode & Its Function Function

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    Function of Barcode

    Barcode is a system designed to encode information such as product number, serial number, batch number etc. The representation in the barcode can be scanned electronically either through laser or camera-based system to identify the product and their specification automatically.

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    Facilitates Supply Chain

    Barcode is revolutionising the supply chain management by enabling the parties to trade in goods through automatic identification and tracking of the product movement throughout the supply chain. It records data in uniform & structured manner and shares these data with trading partners.

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    Types of Barcode

    Barcode is of different categories based on the industry or purpose. These are EAN/UPC, Data Bar Family, One dimensional(1D) Barcodes, Two dimensional(2D) Barcodes. These codes are international code and are used in any country across the globe. Contact us for further information.

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    Barcode is allotted in Batches

    Barcode is a system designed to encode information such as product number, serial number, batch number, etc. Barcode comes into a composite package of 100 and its multiple by, i.e. 100, 1,000, 10,000 to 1 lac. Hence you must decide on the number of bar codes required by your business

Documents Required for Bar Code Registration

Validity of Barcode

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card and GST Registration Certificate
  • Balance Sheet as on 31st March.
  • Any other registration copy by govt


  • Applied April to June - Valid to 31st March
  • Applied July to Sept. - Valid to 30th June
  • Applied Oct to Dec. - Valid to 30th Sept
  • Applied Jan to March - Valid to 31st Dec.

The Process of Obtaining Bar Code

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    Type And Number

    The barcode is of various types and it can be taken in different lot sizes. The process begins with the identification of requirement by the applicant.

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    Arrange Documents

    With barcode application, there are various documents like the balance sheet to prove the turnover of the company, MOA etc to be annexed.

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    Government Fee

    The government fee is paid in form of demand draft after determining the lot size and the validity period of the barcode to be acquired.

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