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Domestic Foreign
Expenditure %FBT Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Expenditure Value Expenditure Value Expenditure Value Expenditure Value
Free or concessional tickets 100
Contribution to Superannuation Fund 100
Entertainment 20
Hospitality 20
Conference 20
Sale Promotion 20
Employees welfare 20
Conveyance 20
Use of hotel, lodging 20
Repair of motor car 20
Maintenance of aircrafts 20
Use of Telephone 20
Maintenance of accomodation 20
Festival celebrations 20
Use of health club 50
Use of any other club 50
Gifts 50
Scholarship 50
Tour,Travel 5

Tax Details:
Quarter1 Quarter2 Quarter3 Quarter4 Total
Tax Payable
Education Cess
Grand Total